4TH OF July Traditions!

Blog by:  Chris Louzader

Do you have any annual 4th of July traditions?  Don Louzader and I really didn’t till we bought our house about 20 years ago.  The City of Battlefield used to do a HUGE event/display in our city park that we could see from our house.  That stopped after the pandemic-Boo!  But now the tradition lives on with surrounding our neighbors putting on their displays we GET to enjoy the beauty from the comfort of our patio. There is so much to see … it’s almost like a tennis match taking it all in side to side!  The annual tradition of having friends and family over for the The 4th of July is something we look forward to.  to celebrate with a gathering of good eats, adult beverages, music and just plain old chillin’.  Except for that moment as the sun sets, the sky is illuminated with vibrant fireworks for a good solid 90-minutes! it just cannot be beat!  Happy 4th ALL!