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Honoring a Veteran … and Honor Flight

I couldn’t think of a better weekend than VETERANS DAY WEEKEND to talk about Honor Flight. Participating in an Honor Flight is an incredibly humbling experience that cannot be described with words. It’s a journey of honor and a deep sense of gratitude. As veterans depart for this experience, they’re not just passengers on a plane, they become embodiments of their valor – TRUE heroes. The overwhelming support and appreciation they receive from fellow citizens and the heartfelt gestures along the way magnify the significance of their service. For so may veterans, Honor Flight is not just a trip, it’s a profound realization that their commitment and sacrifices will never be forgotten. It’s a brotherhood/sisterhood like no other.

To be a part of the flight was so humbling and life-changing. It was as if I wasn’t worthy to be in their presence. I had the fortune to be a media representative on the very same flight my father-in-law, Donald Louzader (Korea) and my husband, Don was his Guardian. To see Donald’s interaction with other veterans was incredibly heart-warming. He told us after the very long excursion … “this was the greatest day of my life!” REMEMBER to thank a veteran for their service and honor them, they will not forget it … we do owe them a debt of gratitude for selflessly serving their country.