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When I grow up…

Blog by: Chris Louzader Do you remember when you decided what you wanted to do for a living/career? While in college I started out wanting to be an accountant! While

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hot dog

A Fourth of July Travesty

Kevin… I’ve long since retired from competitive eating but I still follow the sport and admire the eaters. I was pretty excited to win 3 out of 4 chili eating

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green grocer cicada

People Are Drinking Cicada Shots

Cicada-infused shots are a thing now. Cicadas are everywhere.  Even in drinks. There’s a bar in chicago that sells shots of Malört – a suburban chicago liqueur – infused with

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a woman stands in a store in the department of household chemicals with a cart chooses shampoo

AI Smart Carts Are Coming

More and more things are either “Smart” or AI and we can add grocery carts to that list now! Say goodbye to that regular old shopping cart you used to

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Blog by:  Chris Louzader Recharging!  What an important thing to do!  A 3-day Holiday weekend offers the perfect opportunity to recharge by stepping away from work and at times more

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