55 mph


Blog by:  Chris Louzader

Hi … My name is Chris!  (Hi Chris) I am a speed-o-holic!  There I said it, I’ll admit I have a lead foot.  I’m AM working on this issue in the new year of 2024.  Do I set out to do this unlawful act on the daily … I don’t.  I feel restricted at times like I need greater freedom on the road.  There might be a little thrill or dare I say excitement as I hear Sammy Hagar’s I CAN’T DRIVE 55 playing in my hand and knowing with all certainty that I could smoke Danica Patrick OFF the road.   I’m working on it so much that I’m using my cruise control regularly to control my lead foot.  Am I perfect and haven’t gone over the speed limit lately, definitely not.  The last time I was “stopped” by the reds & blues, I told the officer I was an idiot and not paying attention.  I told him I wasn’t going to feed a “a line of excuses.”  With that most recent warning, I really need to try to put Mr. Sammy’s song out of my head.  Signed, Speed-o-holic,  Chris