laughing at the critics choice awards

Surreal, yet hilarious at the Critics Choice Awards

Blog by Chris Louzader

Hot of the Critics Choice Awards 2024 … the big question is any great stories? As I was going through my photos I felt I MUST share these. Apparently everyone and everything is hilarious! Mark Ruffalo (POOR THINGS) was incredible, like a long lost friend. I asked him where he’d been all my life as he was walking by and he didn’t skip a beat and said he was looking for me – hilarious! Will Ferrell, so many people were clamoring around him, I don’t even KNOW what I said to make him laugh, but, hilarious! Brendan Fraser, I was congratulating him on winning the Oscar after he’d left our show last year and he said The Critics Choice was responsible, apparently hilarious! Lewis Pullman (LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY) and I were talking about how he’d dead on the show and how wild that is, I guess hilarious! And, finally Melora Hardin (Jan Levinson, THE OFFICE) wanted to take the selfie of us so she could be vain … truly hilarious! All of these moments are surreal and memories for a life time. I have stories for days, this likely won’t be the last :-)!