friends great ole pals

Aren’t forever friends THE BEST?

I was born and raised in Springfield, MO and I’m so very fortunate to have some of the greatest longtime friends.  These are my anchors. Our shared history is beyond priceless.  These are the loyal pals who have been in it to win it with every chapter of my life, from high school to college to the triumphs and tribulations of adulthood. They are comforting and constant…a testament to our enduring strong bonds. The inside jokes, the memories created through so many years, and an unwavering support system above everything!  The understanding between us allows for our own language!  In life, these enduring friendships are the threads that not only connect the past with the present but also weave a future rich with shared experiences.  Call up one of YOUR pals today and tell them how important they are to you! I’m doing that with my posse, my BESTIES now!