Blog by:  Chris Louzader

THE BIKERIDERS = This is a film uniquely told from a woman’s view.  This movie captures the rebelliousness of 60’s biker “gangs.”  The cinematography is beautifully done.  There are rather memorable performances FIRST by Jodie Comer … Austin Butler is brooding, and Tom Hardy is the leader of the pack.  I did want a little bit more of “something” to happen.  It’s a great film to look at, but I wanted a bit more “something.”   My favorite part about this flick?  It’s an original movie!

INSIDE OUT 2 owned the box office AGAIN…raking in another record-breaking $100 million at the box office.

1. Inside Out 2, $100 million
2. Bad Boys: Ride or Die, $18.7 million
3. The Bikeriders, $10 million

I’d love to know what you’ve seen and what you thought about it!