zimmer communications retreat

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Blog by: Chris Louzader

Look at the faces in this photo … don’t they look like they’re MUCH smarter and that they’ve just had a GREAT time? You’re right … we did! Our first annual Zimmer Programming Meeting! My car of four road tripped to Columbia, Jefferson City crew traveled over as well. How fun to have a melding of the minds of some of THE BEST on air talents in the business!

We learned through several informative presentations and got so many innovative ideas. But, the team bonding games were THE BEST. It was really fun to get to know co-workers so much better … people I love on the air already and have for years! We are smarter (duh) and now have much stronger relationships and the collaborations within the organization have begun. We had a break from our daily routines … we are more focused with renewed energy to deliver the best radio show to the BEST listeners here at 98.7 The Dove! In a day when not a lot of companies do this sort of thing, it sure makes me grateful for Zimmer Communications, a stellar family owned company.