Do you ever just TALK about a food and then you must HAVE IT? 

Blog by: Chris Louzader

My vice is pizza!  I could talk about pizza more than any other food.  The mere topic makes my taste buds dance in anticipation. There’s just something magical about the mere mention of pizza that sparks a craving that’s hard to ignore.  A thin & crispy crust, delicious melted cheese, a perfect blend of savory tomato sauce, and an array of toppings creating a symphony of flavors is enough to make anyone’s stomach growl.  It’s not just a dish!  Pizza is the perfect food … it’s life.  It can be dinner, or lunch or a snack – EVEN – breakfast AND served hot, warm or cold.  Pizza is a cultural phenom exceeding a lot of boundaries.  Just a conversation about pizza has the power to make me smile, make me feel as if not eaten in days, I just gotta have a pie! My fave is thin and crispy with mozzarella and even provel (if available) along with every veggie EVER, except mushrooms.  I must go friends … now, I’m hungry!