fire in the hole


Blog by: Chris Louzader

Fire In The Hole!  A Silver Dollar City tradition since 1972!  This is the first ride I ever rode when I was tall enough to pass the measurement marker.  This ride was a staple throughout my childhood into my adult years.  And, at 53 years old, I took my LAST ride this past October! 

With much anticipation I hopped on the NEW Fire In The Hole this week!  If you loved the original ride, the nuances are STILL there.  The upgrades to the sound, the displays – adding video – are GREAT.  There is a tease drop early on before the BIG plummet.  I love that Silver Dollar City did not just “close it down” and move on.  There are NEW memories to be made with new generations of riders.  HAVE FUN and hold on to your pants from the Baldknobbers!   Fiiiiirrrrreeee innnn the Holllleeeee!!!