Grandmas are Special


Most of us had very special relationships with out grandmothers. I know I did. Mom Mom was the best and she spoiled me rotten. I loved spending weekends with her and I think about her all the time. She passed away when I was 14 so I never got to spend time with her as an adult.

I bring this up because I’m really happy that my kids, 19 and 16, still get to spend quality time with their Nana. They enjoy going over to her place at least once a month to have lunch with her and Pa Paw. They look forward to it. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a great cook, but they do it on their own. We don’t bring it up. They just tell us when they’re going and usually spend a few hours at at time. Nanas are the best. We should never take them for granted. So with love…big shout out to Nana!