critics' choice awards

How did I get involved in The Critics’ Choice Association?  I love this question… 

Blog by Chris Louzader

I get a lot of questions on how do I “get to go to an awards show,”  let’s get into it.  Nearly 15 years ago, I applied to be a member of the (then called) Broadcast Film Critics Association and I was accepted (with some criteria that had to be followed – lol).  Now called the Critics’ Choice Association.  Throughout the year, there are so many opportunities to support film through promotional pieces, virtual press conferences, interviews, movie screeners sent to my home.  And, of course, our big daddy event, The Annual Critics Choice Awards.  This year is the 29th and I’ve been to nearly half of them!

The process of being passionate about movies, watching them on big screen or screener/link, nominating films-actors-actresses-directors-writers-editors-technical departments is an extreme thrill!  Then, VOTING on our awards and attending the show is an HONOR!

Some surreal stories?  Yes!

-Walking to the bathroom and hearing Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey chatting behind me while they’re walking to THE SAME BATHROOM!

-Being bumped into a table while mingling and the person you bump into is Sandra Bullock

-Talking to Tom Hanks and him being THE GUY you want him to be

-Bryan Cranston AND William H. Macy conversations that were incredible

-Interviewing on the red carpet and one of the most successful song writers takes all the time in the world to talk to you, Dianne Warren … and a few years later, I go to tour her studio and interview her in Hollywood!

-Nearly sitting on Ryan Reynolds lap and he could not have been more friendly

-Hanging at the After Party with the entire cast of THIS IS US

-Chatting backstage with Katie Couric and seeing her THE NEXT day on Rodeo Drive and she remembered me and chatted again!

-Running into John Krasinski at the event bar, a delight (yep, Jim Halpert)

-Helping with photos and videos back stage and DeNiro, Pacino, and Harvey Keitel ARE INCHES AWAY from me!

-Talking with Will Smith TWO SHORT weeks before “THE SLAP!”

-And, there was nothing like seeing the smiling face of Henry Winkler come toward me to shake my hand and be nothing short of an angel!

I love movies! I love awards season and bringing attention to all kinds of film and mostly, I am truly honored to be a voting member of the Critics’ Choice Association!  Hooray for Hollywood!