Ice Ice Baby!

Kevin Howard…

Things were a little slippery this morning because of the ice on the roads. Luckily it’s warming up so it’ll be a short term thing but just the thought of ice gives me a little PTSD from that ice storm we had back in ’07. Remember that one? Two weeks, no power. People were selling generators at high prices and it was difficult to find fuel in many cases. When I finally got out to the grocery store it was cash only. The ATM’s weren’t working and I didn’t have any cash. It was mayhem I tell you. That’s how I remember it anyway.

After a couple of days with no power and a toddler we decided to get a hotel room. It may have been the last room in Springfield. My wife, Kelly was pregnant with our daughter and she was pretty sick, plus we had our three dogs with us in the room. It didn’t smell too good. Luckily after a few days there we stayed at Kelly’s Dad’s house until our power finally came back on. That part was actually fun. The only casualties in our house were two fish who managed to jump out of the fish tank, but still froze.

I know in the grand scheme of things that wasn’t too tough. Could have been worse for sure, but I still get anxious when they say ice is coming. Luckily, the road crews and utility workers learned quite bit from the ’07 storms. This morning was a piece of cake compared to that one. I’m ready for Spring already though. What about you?