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“Luxury” You Won’t Give Up


Stuff is expensive these days and most of us are finding ways to save a buck. Cutting back on things. Not eating out as much and skimping on certain grocery items. We used to go to dinner every Friday night, but now we do it maybe twice a month. I don’t do much online shopping these days either. It’s too easy to buy stuff I don’t really need.

There are some things though, I just have to have. Name brand peanut butter. Skippy or Peter Pan. Toilet paper is another one. Don’t give me that bargain paper. I need the good stuff. I’ve been cutting back some on the snack foods. I can handle the off brand chips and sweet stuff, except I have to have real Doritos. There’s no substitute!

There s one thing I don’t want to skimp on though, and that’s my TV watching. My wife and I love binge watching a lot of different shows and movies. Call us lazy, but that’s what we like to do. There are so many good shows on all the different streaming apps and we have out favorites. We’ve cut the chord a couple of times but we always come back. We can’t help it. We were born in the TV generation. Is there a so called “luxury” item you can’t live without? Let us know on our socials or leave us a voice message from the 987TheDove app. That’s free, by the way.