chris & monroe making memories

Movies are more than just movies …

Blog by: Chris Louzader

I had one of the best movie going experiences over the weekend! I had the chance to take my 9-year old niece (who loves movies) to the 85th Anniversary of THE WIZARD OF OZ. I’d never seen it on the big screen and when I heard it would be showing, I asked none other than my favorite 9 year old, Monroe!

The experience was so much more than going to the movie itself, however, THE WIZARD OF OZ does happen to be a 1939 classic that transcends time. Our drive to the theatre was full of chit chat and current events. We arrived and walked into the theatre overwhelmed by the smell of popcorn, yep we had to order. I don’t love a lot of butter on my order … but, Monroe said the funniest thing … “GO BUTTER OR GO HOME!” So, we got some butter. Of course the proverbial selfie photo took place, I mean, if it’s not on social, it didn’t happen right? LOL! We settled into our seats with the buttered popcorn, a big Coke Zero and a mutant sized Icee. We whispered a couple of facts about the movie to each other. I’ve seen THE WIZARD OF OZ likely over 100 times, Monroe maybe 8 times, but we saw new things and pointed them out to each other. Monroe asked great questions about the color vs. black and white AND excellent questions about the cast of the film. The experience didn’t stop there. On the ride home we rocked out doing our best versions of Taylor Swift, Monroe nailed it and I wasn’t half bad.

So, going to “see a movie” is so much more! Memories are made!