Movies on the BIG screen are the BEST!

Blog By: Chris Louzader

There is nothing like deciding to escape for a while! The movie theatre is such a great place to do this! You can go by yourself, with someone, with a group. You can go morning, mid-day or night time! You walk in, the smell of the popcorn is divine. You get comfy in your seat … maybe order a meal … and, it’s time to settle back for some old fashioned Hollywood big screen magic! Whether the movie was good or bad (preferably good), my day is BETTER for having been in the MOVIE THEATRE!

Movies I’m excited about to launch the Spring movie season into Summer:

April 26th = CHALLENGERS – Zendaya in a tennis drama

May 3rd = FALL GUY – Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Hannah Wadingham) about a stuntman who leaves the movie business and gets drawn back in


May 17th = IF – Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski, Steve Carell … this written and directed by Krasinski about a girl who develops an imaginary friend

What movie are you excited for?