Blog by:  Chris Louzader

Recharging!  What an important thing to do!  A 3-day Holiday weekend offers the perfect opportunity to recharge by stepping away from work and at times more importantly – daily routines.  Using time to relax, whether through leisure activities like reading, hiking, or enjoying a hobby, and of upmost importance prioritizing self-care.  Connecting with family and friends, indulging in good food, and getting ample rest can rejuvenate both mind and body!   I had the best time kicking off the weekend trying a new restaurant, going to a new business opening.  Visited a great brunch spot, had a fabulous game of mini golf followed by a sweet treat.  Lots of physical activity and SO MUCH great sleep.  I got very familiar with my patio and my COUCH … both of which I was very much missing!  Although the thought of another day off is AMAZING … Recharging makes it easier to return to the regularly scheduled program quite a bit more refreshed and much more energized!