road trip

Road Trip Anyone?


We were talking about road trips the other day when we got back from Columbia. Remembering the good ones and the not so good ones. Sometimes the bad ones can also be the good ones. For instance, when I was in my 20’s a friend and I did a spring break trip from Atlanta to Daytona. Another friend was supposed to drive but he backed out at the last minute, so I drove.

I had a ’70 firebird with no muffler and a smashed windshield, but that didn’t stop us. It was Daytona or bust! The drive down was a little dizzying from looking through the spiderwebbed windshield , but we had bags of Doritos, some bread and ham and a ZZ Top greatest hits cassette.

We got to Daytona and you could actually drive on the beach there. We cruised up and down and irritated everybody, including the police with my no muffler sound. We looked very suspicious and got pulled over multiple times. Never got a ticket though.

We stayed for a few days until we ran out of money. Our ham sandwiches got sand in them and turned into sand sandwiches. Our Doritos had big roaches in the bags. We ate them anyway. The chips, not the roaches. It was our only food. We survived.

it’s funny how as you get older you remember things differently. Blocking out the bad stuff and remembering just the good stuff. I look back at that road trip and remember it as one of the most fun trips I ever took. Eventually that Firebird died on me. I loved that car. I loved that road trip too. Maybe this summer I’ll load up the wife and kids and make some more memories in Daytona. If I do though, I’ll have a better ride and some better food.

Leave a comment and tell us about your memorable road trip.