the sloth

SLOTHING … I want more!

Blog by Chris Louzader

On a recent vacation I spent one day getting really intimate with my couch!  I watched three movies, an entire 8-part Apple TV+ series, and several episodes of THE OFFICE!  It was absolute bliss.  I’d like to preface, I did at least brush my teeth that day, otherwise, not much else ha.  It was quite a violent interruption when Mother Nature made me actually get up.  I switched sides of the couch so the cushions wouldn’t get “smashed in” for life and I laid on both sides to keep my body from going numb.

I decided I want much more of this in my life.  Don’t you think it’s GOOD to be sloth once in a while?  Is once a month too much to ask?  I know I want much more slothing in my life.  What about you?