zimmer christmas 2023.jpg

The Workplace Holiday Gathering

Blog by: Chris Louzader & Kevin Howard

The snacks, the white elephant gifts and oh those sweaters … it’s the Zimmer Office Christmas Gathering!  In a time when many companies don’t offer a ton of fun or have a favorable culture, or many offices are still work from home it was a fun day with co-worker friends.   We laughed, we ate, we playfully “stole” gifts from each other.  It’s nice to work hard and it’s even nicer to play hard.  Something as simple as who is getting all the scratchers…to who will wind up with the most giant popcorn ever seen…it’s fun to just sit down and chill and have some casual conversations.  A workplace with a positive company culture definitely makes a difference.  Does your office have a party?  What do you do?  Let us know!