Things to do when it’s TOO COLD outside.

Kevin Howard…

Arctic weather has arrived and it’s too dang cold to go outside so I came up with a few ideas for fun indoors. As for me, most likely, I’ll be doing what I always do on the weekends. Butt on couch. TV on. Snacks in hand. Sounds like a plan to me, but here are some other things to do.

Have a movie marathon. Pick a franchise and go with it.

Binge watch a new TV show.

Try cooking something new. I found a recipe for loaded baked potato soup. Might give it a try.

Clean the house. Never mind. Who am I kidding.

Break out the karaoke machine. My wife loves this. Luckily I have ear plugs.

Play Video games. My son is already doing this as I speak.

Go bowling. I wonder if I can still pull off my 120 average.

Build an indoor fort. This would be fun with little kids and kids at heart.

Last but not least…plan your summer vacation. There’s always something to look forward to when things warm up!