This Cat!

Blog: Chris Louzader

About 5 years ago while when I was at my previous job, production manager at Opfer Communicaitons we were having an eclipse party in the back parking lot.  We heard horrific cries from the motor of our production vehicle.  Out came this 6 week old version of this incredible sweet kitty.  After looking for his parents … We quickly named him Eclipse in honor of the day.  The joy he bring the building with his adorable “isms!”  The love of a cat is unique … sometimes a cat is really into you and other times you can just hear your cat say “… oh, are you going to put that food down and walk away – LOL!  His face is everything.  Luckily, I still visit Eclipse monthly and he’s excited to see me, for about 12 minutes – LOL!

Do you have a cat?  How did they come into your life?