Blog: By Chris Louzader

Every Thursday Kevin, Don Louzader and myself throw down on our favorites and YOU decide who the winner is! It’s all fun and games. This weeks intense competition was BEST CARTOON CHARACTER. Kevin chose POPEYE, I chose BUGS BUNNY and Don chose BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD. Do you want to guess the winner? BUGS BUNNY by a landslide. We’ve been having a lot of F U N with TOP 3 PICKS for many weeks. The current overall score card is Kevin & Don tied with 8 wins and I’m excited to lead with 11 wins (not bragging or anything)!

TOP 3 PICKS is simply just fun and games … some friendly competition for enjoyment! Plus, THE BEST PART engaging with YOU! If you have a great idea for a TOP 3, let us know! Take a listen and play along on our Facebook pages or CALL US! 417-865-0987!