TV’s Best Bets…


I’ve always been a fan of old school mystery/detective novels and movies. One of my favorites is 1941’s The Maltese Falcon with Humphry Bogart. Based on the Dashiell Hammett novel of the same name. Bogart played Sam Spade, a hard boiled private detective.

In the new AMC+ series Monsieur Spade, Clive Owen takes on the roll. It’s set in France 20 years after the famous Maltese Falcon case in the early 60’s. Spade made a promise to take care of a girl after her mother dies. He’s not trying to work too much but gets pulled into a case after nuns are murdered.

The cast is really good and I’m about halfway through the series. The complete season was released and I’m loving it. So, if you like these kinds of stories and you have a show hole to fill, I suggest you check out Monsieur Spade. It’s a really good binge watch so far.