Would you eat Liver for 100 bucks?


I love liver and onions. Beef liver, chicken livers, fry it up and I’ll eat it. I’ll put a little Heinz 57 on it too. Yum! We talked about food you would not eat, even if someone gave you $100. I really couldn’t think of anything. There are foods I don’t enjoy, but show me the money and I’d eat anything…as long as it’s classified as food.

Chris on the other hand has a long list of foods I couldn’t pay her to eat. Like Tuna fish, cottage cheese, any kind of seafood or meat. No mayonnaise or ranch dressing. No mushrooms…and especially no liver. Many of you agree about the liver on our Facebook page. Liver may have been the number one answer. What about you? Is there something you wouldn’t even take a bite of, even for the money?